Dive video: White Rock, Koh Tao – January 6th 2015


Here’s a little something I filmed while diving on White Rock, Koh Tao January 6th 2015. It was my last dive on Koh Tao this time around, and I’m so happy it was a good one. We did Chumphon Pinnacles on the first dive, and I was so bummed out when the visibility was so bad that I hardly saw the fins of the person in front of me. We went to White Rock for the second dive, and I was so happy that the visibility was much better there. We saw a lot of cool fish, sadly not all got caught on tape as I was messing around with a red filter which ruined a lot of cool footage. Anyway, here you get a little glimpse of a great morning out diving with Roctopus 🙂

Cool fish I was lucky enough to see: Titan Triggerfish (two of them actually!!!), Weibel’s Butterflyfish, Longfin Banner fish, Hexagon Grouper, Blacktip Grouper, Slingjaw Wrasse, Redbreasted Wrasse, Moon Wrasse, Pink Anemone fish, Blue Ringed Angel Fish, White Eyed Moray Eel, Parrot Fish, Sergeant Major Fish, Longfaced Emperor Fish, and a lot of other fish I sadly do not know the name of 🙂

Remember to watch it in HD!

Favorite places to eat on Koh Tao! (Western food)


Ettersom det er en jungel av spisesteder på Koh Tao tenkte jeg at jeg kunne dele mine favoritter her på bloggen. Da ligger de lett tilgjengelig dersom noen som skal til Koh Tao lurer på hvor de burde spise, eller om noen enkelt og greit bare er nysgjerrig. Mitt store bloggforbilde innen reiseblogging Alex in Wanderland har skrevet et innlegg som dette (les det HER) som hjalp meg uendelig mye med å finne steder å spise de første dagene før jeg ble “kjent”. Så da synes jeg at det er på sin plass å poste min egen versjon etter å ha spist på utallige steder på øya i to uker. Innlegget blir forresten herfra på engelsk av praktiske grunner 🙂


Concidering there is a jungle of places to eat on Koh Tao I figured I’ll share my favorites here on the blog. My favorite travel blogger Alex in Wanderland has written a post like this (read it HERE) which helped me a lot during the first few days on the island before I figured out where everything was. So I figure it’s a good idea to share my favorite places to eat on the turtle island. Hopefully someone out there will get some use of my endless rambling 😉

First of all; I’ve eaten some pretty incredible food on Koh Tao. Koh Tao has a great variety of restaurants serving genuine food from all around the world (thanks to people that moved to Koh Tao and brought a bit of home with them food-wise!). So there are some pretty incredible meals around if you just know where to go. For a foodie like me Koh Tao is heaven 😉

The restaurants are in no particular order 🙂

Bang Burgers

We went here on our first evening on Koh Tao, and we were sold. They have a pretty good selection of foods including wraps (which supposedly are really good too), but the main thing to come here for is obviously burgers. We ended up going back here no less than 4 times during our stay as the burgers were just phenomenal. A pretty big contributor to that are the delicious homemade chips, and their homemade ketchup. YUM!!! You can really tailor your burger to your needs here too. Small or big chips? Extra cheese or bacon? And a wide selection of sauces to put on your burger. Bang Burgers is located on the main road, right across the road from the trapeze place. It’s also very easy to find from the beach road as there is a Bang Burgers sign leading you straight to it.

Favorite order: Cheeseburger with whisky maple sauce and extra bacon, with small chips. 

IMG_3762 IMG_3760

Chaba Tapas

This is the best place on the island to get pasta. It might not look like much, but they have some of the friendliest staff we’ve encountered, and also all the italian restaurants can only dream of their pasta to even compare with Chaba Tapas’s pasta. This is also the place where we got introduced to No Name. It’s a delicious thai starter which is basically fried balls of grated veggies. Might not sound like much, but wait until you try it 😉
Anyway, if you want pasta: DO NOT go to Porto Bello that has absolutely terrible pasta, go to Chaba. They have the best Pasta Carbonara I’ve ever had. Another favorite was the Chicken Pesto pasta. This was my favorite place to go for dinner after a dive. Carbs!!! :F And also you get an actual bowl of parmesan to drizzle on top of your pasta :F
During happy hour you get one free tapas for each alcoholic beverage you buy.

Favorite order: Sharing a No Name tapas/appetizer, followed by penne carbonara… My mouth is watering just as I’m writing this….

It’s located right next to Barracuda.



Fitness Cafe

I miss their juices so much!!! They have a pretty packed menu full of delicious food with great nutritional value. They have salads, wraps, breakfast sets, pancakes, proteinshakes, EVERYTHING. They press the juice for you on order, and they make their own mozzarella. Do I have to say more?! Also, most their dishes are pretty packed with protein. Fitness Cafe makes it so easy to eat healthy. One thing though; there are only 3 (and a “half”) table, and it fills up quickly, so sometimes you have to come back later or have your food to-go.

Favorite order: Chicken Mozarella Salad and Mean Green juice with extra wheatgrass.

Located right next to the gym. From the main road: Just turn right at the and of Sairee and up the dirt road up past Asia Divers and Roctopus and keep going until you get to the gym, and ta-da, you’re there!

IMG_3808 IMG_3886
Lumberjack Pancakes (with peanut butter, greek yogurt, honey and berries) and Mean Green // Chicken Mozarella Salad




One of Koh Taos more “upscale” restaurants, and it’s actually the first place in all of Thailand I’ve experienced needing a reservation to be able to have dinner. So stop by a day or two before you want to have dinner and book a table. I was a tiny bit worried about going here actually as the restaurant is actually called “Barracuda” and everyone was eating fish when we got there (I’m not a big fish enthusiast – I love watching them underwater but I’m very picky about eating fish). It all went great though, as it turned out that they actually have a pretty wide variety of dishes to choose from. I went with the Surf ‘n Turf steak which was absolutely delicious. It doesn’t get much better than a big piece of really tender perfectly cooked steak, topped with onion rings and scampi. They also nailed the mashed potatoes and the pepper sauce. This was one of the better meals I had on the island.

Favorite order: The only one I tried: Surf ‘n Turf!

Located in the same street as Porto Bello, Chaba and the clinic.

IMG_3906 IMG_3914


Zanzi bar

The best place to get a sandwich on the island if you ask me. The bread is really fresh and tastes better than any other bread I’ve had in Asia. For the regular sandwiches you actually get to choose what kind of bread you would like which I enjoy a lot. This is the perfect place to go for breakfast/lunch, or it’s the perfect place to pick up breakfast/lunch to go if you don’t have time to sit down or want to bring a lunch somewhere. Also, they open at 6am (!) and they deliver. Can I hear a hallelujah?

Favorite order: Mike Sandwich with white baguette and aioli.
Also the Club Sandwich is fantastic!

Located on the main road in Sairee, right between Bookers and the supermarket!





The other slightly more fancy dining option we went for. Also here we had to book a table as it’s a small local and it’s also pretty popular. The food here is delicious, and they have a wide verity of imported beers. I went for the Famous Pulled Pork Sandwich, and my boyfriend went with the ribs. Both dishes were absolutely delicious, and what really made them as great as they were were the sides. Their chips and coleslaw were really something. I’m not exactly known for loving pork (except bacon of course), but the pulled pork sandwich was really one of the best meals I’ve had in some time. And I’m a big foodie… One thing though; when you’re booking, ask to be seated inside. The traffic is so loud it actually may ruin your meal if you’re seated outside.

Favorite order: Famous Pulled Pork Sandwich

Located on the main road to Sairee, right before you get to the supermarket and the clinic. It’s right next to Zanzi bar!


Yellow Rice

Ok, so by now Yellow Rice is basically famous. It’s actually marked on the tourist maps!!! What it is is a tiny stall named: Yellow Rice along the main road to Chalok bay right by the junction. They serve two things, crispy chicken with yellow rice, or curry chicken with yellow rice, and it costs 65 baht. They have a few tables so that you can eat there, but in my opinion Yellow Rice is best enjoyed as take out. My favorite: as lunch after a morning dive on the balcony right before getting in the shower.

It may not look or sound like much, but it’s actually f*ckin delicious. I wanted to have it for lunch every day while on Koh Tao, and I’ve been craving it every single day since we left.

Favorite order: The obvious one – Crispy chicken with yellow rice!




I’ve heard from a few people that the food at Choppers is terrible, and I’ve heard people raving about their ribs. My conclusion is the following: Choppers is great if you know what to get. Their nachos are according to my bf no bueno and he fancies himself a nacho connoisseur. But we both agree they have the best fish & chips we’ve ever had, and also have some pretty fantastic ribs. If you’re two or more you have to get the Starters Combo Plate. We shared it for lunch one day, and we were not disappointed. There are some pretty delicious spring rolls on there, in addition to chicken skewers, ribs, buffalo wings and chips. We had a pretty good afternoon sharing one of those along with a few beers and watching some UFC. I also enjoy Choppers in the evening for grabbing a beer.

Favorite order: Fish & Chips. It’s just legendary…




Also, a few other places I’d like to mention:
-Porto Bello had a great wine list, and very good mixed grill and starters, but stay away from the pasta!
-Cappuccino in Mae Haad is also a good place to get sandwiches.
-Hippo Bar & Grill is a good place to get steaks!
-If you want cheap and delicious cocktails, Banyan is the place to go. Try the Tight Bastard! It’s my new favorite cocktail.
-The pancake stalls have pretty delicious pancakes. My favorite is  the one that is right next to the money exchange booth in Mae Haad right by the Lomprayah Pier. Not only does he charge 20 baht less than the ones in Sairee (he charges 35), I also think the pancakes are better (totally in my head though!).

That’s it for my favorite foods guide on Koh Tao! I had some pretty delicious thai food too, but I’m afraid I have no idea what the restaurant was called. It’s one of two right along the beach by Maya Beach Club (In Touch or AC), but I’d rather not recommend a place that I’m not a 100% is where I actually ate, haha 🙂 One thing though: try Fried Rice Chicken Cashew – SO GOOD!

On my next trip to Koh Tao I’ll focus more on having more thai food and recommending some places for that too. Until then, I hope you enjoy my “western food recommendations” 😉

Sightseeing in Pattaya: Big Buddha, Buddha Mountain and Pattaya Floating Market


Forigårs (22. desember) var det litt overskyet, så vi bestemte oss for å bruke dagen på å se “alt” som er å se i Pattaya-området. Vi ruslet bort i gaten og fant en baht-buss som vi forhandlet frem en pris med for å kjøre oss til Big Buddha, Buddha Mountain og Floating Market, vente på oss, og kjøre oss hjem igjen etterpå. (Dette endte opp å koste oss 700 baht, eller 157 NOK)

Først gikk turen til Big Buddha som ligger nærmest. Det er først og fremst en veldig stor buddhastatue i gull på toppen av en liten haug/fjell, omringet av mange mindre. Det er en turistattraksjon, men også et religiøst sted buddhistene drar for å tenne lys/røykelse og tilbe.

IMG_3296 IMG_3314 IMG_3316 IMG_3337 IMG_3344


Etter Big Buddha dro vi til Pattaya Floating Market. Det er et stort marked som – surprise, surprise – er flytende. Så da vi kom dit leide vi båt som padlet oss gjennom hele markedet. En kan også gå, men for den ultimate opplevelsen annbefaler jeg absolutt båt. Varene på markedet i seg selv er egentlig ikke noe spesielt (har du sett ett marked i Pattaya har du sett alle siden alle har samme varer mer eller mindre), men markedet i seg selv er absolutt verdt å få med seg.

IMG_3377 IMG_3378 IMG_3390 IMG_3391 IMG_3398 IMG_3400 IMG_3403


Til slutt etter Pattaya Floating Market dro vi til Buddha Mountain som er en buddha i gull på en fjellvegg. Det var et stykke å kjøre, og det var langt innover og inn i ingenmannsland. Men når vi endelig kom frem var det virkelig helt forbløffende. Det var helt enormt, og bildene som jeg hadde sett på nettet fra før av var ikke i nærheten av å gi ett inntrykk av hvordan det faktisk ser ut. Det er virkelig noe som må sees, for det er umulig å forstå hvor storslagent det faktisk er. Jeg driver og redigerer på en video av første uken her, så når den kommer opp gir det kanskje ett litt bedre inntrykk av størrelsen, og også hvordan de andre attraksjonene er.


Så nå håper jeg alle har en super julaften så langt (eventuellt romjul om du leser dette senere), og koser deg kjempemye med familie, venner, bekjente eller alene 🙂 Jeg driver å gjør meg klar for julefeiring her på Bayleaves nå. Jeg drar videre i morgen tidlig, så dette er også siste kvelden i Jomtien/Pattaya.