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Dive video: White Rock, Koh Tao – January 6th 2015


Here’s a little something I filmed while diving on White Rock, Koh Tao January 6th 2015. It was my last dive on Koh Tao this time around, and I’m so happy it was a good one. We did Chumphon Pinnacles on the first dive, and I was so bummed out when the visibility was so bad that I hardly saw the fins of the person in front of me. We went to White Rock for the second dive, and I was so happy that the visibility was much better there. We saw a lot of cool fish, sadly not all got caught on tape as I was messing around with a red filter which ruined a lot of cool footage. Anyway, here you get a little glimpse of a great morning out diving with Roctopus 🙂

Cool fish I was lucky enough to see: Titan Triggerfish (two of them actually!!!), Weibel’s Butterflyfish, Longfin Banner fish, Hexagon Grouper, Blacktip Grouper, Slingjaw Wrasse, Redbreasted Wrasse, Moon Wrasse, Pink Anemone fish, Blue Ringed Angel Fish, White Eyed Moray Eel, Parrot Fish, Sergeant Major Fish, Longfaced Emperor Fish, and a lot of other fish I sadly do not know the name of 🙂

Remember to watch it in HD!